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Hunan's first China-Vietnam rail-sea combined freight train launched

Updated:2022-05-11 09:03:31

At 3:00 am on May 9, the freight train 28007, carrying goods including chemical products, daily necessities, and general machinery, departed from Huaihua West Logistics Park of the Changsha Xiangtong International Railway Port Co. Ltd. It is expected to arrive at Haiphong Port, Vietnam five days later. This is the first China-Vietnam rail-sea combined freight train launched from Hunan Province.

Loaded with 42 TEUs of goods, the train heads for Qinzhou Port in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and then transports the goods to Haiphong Port, Vietnam by ferry. It will take about five days to transport the cargo to Vietnam via the rail-sea transport route. The operation time is about ten days shorter than that spent on the traditional river-sea transport.

The first China-Vietnam freight train was launched in March last year. The rail transport route received good feedback.

The first rail-sea transport route launched this time from Huaihua City opens a new logistics channel and will facilitate trade between Hunan and ASEAN countries.

The railway authorities set up a work group for epidemic prevention and control at the Huaihua West Logistics Park to ensure the smooth operation of rail-sea combined freight trains. The closed-loop management is implemented to guarantee joint arrangement and inspection of epidemic prevention work and railway transportation and production. Security check and transportation of goods are improved continuously. The deployment of source of containers is strengthened to secure seamless joint of customs clearance, vehicle allocation, and loading and uploading. The moves help meet customers’ transport needs and provide support for the transport capacity of freight trains.

A relevant person in charge of the Office of Port of Entry and Exit of Hunan Province said that the transportation demand of foreign trade enterprises in ASEAN countries is increasing, and the new land-sea logistics channel opened in Huaihua will further deepen and consolidate the trade cooperation between Hunan and ASEAN countries.