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Hunan launches 5G application action plan

Updated:2022-05-19 14:36:31

Recently the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Hunan Communications Administration have issued the “Implementation Plan for 5G Application of Hunan Province (2022-2024)”. By 2024, the development level of 5G applications in the province will be significantly improved. The 5G network is expected to be used by over 50% of personal mobile phone users, and more than 100 5G application benchmarks will be established in key areas involving personal consumption, vertical industries, and people's livelihood.

"Internet plus" consumption is becoming increasingly popular. Hunan will create new modes and new business forms of "5G plus" information consumption to drive consumption upgrades. Efforts will be made to promote the layout of new consumer terminals, accelerate R&D and production of 5G-based ultra-high definition displays, unmanned aerial vehicles (driverless cars), mobile smart terminals, smart homes, wearable devices and other products, and develop customized software, services and solutions that may cater to different applications.

5G technologies will empower thousands of industries. A total of 40 provincial-level "5G plus industrial internet" demonstration factories will be built. Hunan will expand penetration rates to above 35% among major industrial companies. 5G applications in industrial internet, converged media, electric power, mining and other fields will be replicated and promoted on a larger scale in the province. Typical urban areas, suitable road sections and key highway sections will be selected to expand the deployment of 5G plus internet of vehicles. 5G applications will facilitate transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as agriculture and water conservancy.

5G technologies' capabilities in supporting people's livelihood services and social governance will be enhanced. A number of model projects such as 5G plus smart education, 5G plus smart medical care, and 5G plus cultural tourism will be developed. 5G application in emergency first aid, remote diagnosis, health management and other scenarios will be promoted. Digital transformation, with communities, parks, and streets as basic units, will be accelerated to foster a number of 5G smart community comprehensive solutions. The coverage of 5G smart terminals such as intelligent medical monitoring, fall alarm and remote positioning will be expanded.

The supporting capacity of 5G applications will be improved. By 2024, Hunan will build more than 140,000 5G base stations. And every 10,000 people in the province will enjoy more than 21 5G base stations. A national-level 5G application security innovation demonstration center, three 5G innovation and entrepreneurship carriers at provincial-level or above, and three 5G application innovation leading areas will come into being.