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2022 China-Africa online B2B matchmaking conference held

Updated:2022-05-19 14:32:09

The 2022 China-Africa Online B2B Matchmaking Conference was held in Changsha on May 17. The conference is the first event of the China-Africa B2B Matchmaking Conference and part of the activities to be held this year when the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo is not in session. The attendees included more than 180 African enterprises from ten African countries and more than 150 Chinese enterprises engaged in trade with African countries. More than 200 rounds of online consultations have been completed.

The online matchmaking meeting focuses on the export needs of African high-quality products, aims to build a distribution, trading and processing center for African non-resource products, and help more high-quality African products enter Chinese market. Participating African enterprises are mainly engaged in 17 categories of export products, including bulk agricultural products, oil crops and processed products, and plant cash crops, and 67 kinds of products such as palm oil, coffee, red wine, corn, gemstones, and manganese ore. More than 150 domestic procurement companies targeted at trade with Africa were invited. Chinese and African companies made precise matchmaking according to their supplies and demands. They will continue contacts to realize the normalization of China-Africa B2B matching activities.

On July 22, the second event of the China-Africa B2B Matchmaking Conference—“China-Africa Red Wine and Coffee Tasting Salon and Online Consultation” will be held at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center in Changsha. Citizens will have the chance to taste African high-quality red wine and coffee at the site.