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Hunan participates in Chinese vocational education assistance to Burkina Faso

Updated:2022-06-07 17:10:45

Liu Quan, leader of the Chinese assistance team to Burkina Faso for vocational education, presents Zongzi, a traditional and iconic food for Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, to Dr. Soumaïla BITIBALE. Photo by Zheng Xiang, Wang Xiunan

This year marks the fourth anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic relations between China and Burkina Faso.

On June 2 morning, Liu Quan, leader of the Chinese assistance team to Burkina Faso for vocational education, visited Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Sports, Youth, and Employment. He communicated with Dr. Soumaïla BITIBALE, the newly-appointed secretary general of the ministry, on the progress of assistance project, and jointly boosted project advancement.

The assistance team was sent by the training center of the Hunan Department of Commerce and the Hunan International Business Vocational College.

Marrou ZOUNGRANA, the person in charge of Burkina Faso’s authority of vocational training and employment planning, and Burkina Faso’s coordination team for the assistance project, attended.

Marrou ZOUNGRANA introduced the advancements of the assistance project since the resumption of diplomatic relations. He presented several cooperation outcomes, such as a national vocational skill competition jointly organized by the teams of the two countries, and Burkina Faso students’ trainings in China. He expressed expectations for next stage work, including building training schools and libraries.

Liu Quan communicates with Dr. Soumaïla BITIBALE on the progress of assistance project. Photo by Zheng Xiang, Wang Xiunan

Liu talked about the project operation after he came to Burkina Faso, and extended gratitude to the ministry's emphasis and support to the project. Over the four years, the project has trained nearly 1,000 Burkina Faso youths, and helped local authorities develop vocational education standards, improve educational management ability, and promote entrepreneurship of young students, he said. Next, the project team will continue to focus on entrepreneurship foundation and senior teacher trainings. He expected the two sides will constantly deepen exchange and cooperation, to create vocational education brand, and achieve win-win development.

Dr. Soumaïla BITIBALE thanked and welcomed Liu and other team members. He extended gratitude to the Chinese Embassy to Burkina Faso and the Chinese vocational education experts' assistance in improving Burkina Faso’s vocational education level and promoting youth employment. He said that Burkina Faso would cherish the cooperation opportunity, spare no efforts to collaborate with the project team, and coordinate in dealing with the working and living problems of the team. He was convinced that, with joint efforts, the project team will achieve new and fruitful results.