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Chenzhou & Foshan, Zhangjiajie & Nanjing reach paired cooperation

Updated:2022-06-08 17:16:48

On June 7, the official website of the National Development and Reform Commission released the "Work Plan for Paired Cooperation in Key Cities in Old Revolutionary Base Areas". It clarifies the paired cooperation relationship between 20 key cities in old revolutionary base areas and some cities in eastern China, aiming to support old revolutionary base areas in consolidating and promoting achievements in poverty alleviation and boosting rural revitalization and new urbanization. Hunan's Chenzhou City and Guangdong's Foshan City, as well as Hunan's Zhangjiajie City and Jiangsu’s Nanjing City have reached an eight-year paired cooperation (2022-2030).

The plan clarifies five key tasks, including inheriting and promoting red or revolutionary culture; promoting rural revitalization and new urbanization; improving infrastructure and basic public services; promoting ecological environment protection and restoration and green and low-carbon development; and, jointly building an industrial cooperation platform. Efforts will be made to support mutual visits and exchanges between the governments of paired cities, and jointly study and promote key tasks. Paired cities are encouraged to promote exchanges and trainings of officials and talents who are in provisional posts, and push forward mutual exchanges of ideas and mutual learning of work styles and methods. Other cities or counties in old revolutionary base areas will be backed up to establish paired cooperation relationships with cities in eastern and central China according to the plan.

The plan also requires relevant departments to strengthen guidance on paired cooperation in old revolutionary base areas, and give preferential support in planning formulation, policy implementation, and project arrangement. Policy-based financial institutions are encouraged to increase their support for old revolutionary base areas according to their functions and scope of business. Commercial financial institutions are encouraged to actively participate in the revitalization of old revolutionary base areas through market-oriented methods.