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Hunan overseas Chinese youths gathered in Changsha

Updated:2022-05-10 09:11:44


The theme activity of “Overseas Chinese heart always follow the Party, celebrate the 20th CPC National Congress, forge ahead on a new Journey” and the symposium of Hunan Overseas Chinese youths

On May 9th, the theme activity of “Overseas Chinese heart always follow theParty, celebrate the 20th CPC National Congress, forge ahead on a new Journey” and the symposium of Hunan Overseas Chinese youths was held in Changsha.Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation Party members, vice-chairman Sun Minsheng, Li Zuyuan, and Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation part-time vice-chairman Mao Binghua attended the meeting.

During the conference, 13 Hunan Overseas Chinese youth representatives andinvited young overseas Chinese share their feelings and thoughts in Hunans implements of the “Strengthening provincial capital” strategy.

Sun Minsheng pointed out that the new generation shoulders the historical mission of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and the overseas Chinese youths should always rally around the Party, listen to the Party and follow the Party, combine personal development with the development of the motherland, and realize personal value in the development of the country.We should give full play to the solidarity function of overseas Chinese youths organizations and the unique advantages of them, and bring new achievements in the introduction of high-level talents, cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, implementation of high-quality projects, and promoting the implementation of the “Strengthening provincial capitals” strategy.

Li Zuyuan said that the overseas Chinese youths should play an active role in implementing the strategy of “Strengthening the provincial capital” in Hunan, gather the wisdom of overseas Chinese, drive and attract high-level talents from abroad to innovate and start businesses in Changsha, and provide strong talent support.At the same time, the overseas Chinese youths should study and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, enhance the influence and appeal of Chinese culture and Hunan culture, pave the way for promoting the exchanges and cooperation between Hunan, China and the world, and bring in the progress of the “Belt and Road” initiative and the implementation of a new pattern of higher level opening up of Hunan.

As an organization of overseas Chinese youth, provincial Committee of Overseas Chinese Youth will focus on improving the service level of overseas Chinese enterprises, promoting the introduction of overseas talents, establishing Hunan (Changsha) International talent Exchange Center, and guiding the youth representatives of overseas Chinese community to participate in political affairs, so as to promote the high-quality development of the provinces economy with practical actions and improve the international influence of Changsha.