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"Charming Xiangxi" returns to stage

Updated:2022-06-16 15:47:30

Tourists line up in front of the “Charming Xiangxi” theater. Photo by Chen Nuoya, Deng Daoli

On the evening of June 14, Charming Xiangxi, a folk singing and dancing performance in Zhangjiajie, returned to the stage after half a year. More than two thousand tourists watched the show under strict anti-epidemic measures.

Charming Xiangxi, a folk singing and dancing performance in Zhangjiajie, returns to the stage after half a year. Photo/Chen Nuoya, Deng Daoli)

Photo by People's Daily

At 19:00, staffers of the Charming Xiangxi Grand Theater in Wulingyuan District guided the audience to enter the theater according to epidemic prevention and control requirements. The audience followed the instructions to wear masks well, have body temperatures checked, and show their health QR codes. Unique folk performances such as "chasing love" show, crying marriage ceremony of Tujia ethnic group, and Maogusi dance were staged with the support of new light and sound equipment. This created an immersive experience for the audience, and won high praise from them.

Charming Xiangxi Theater in Zhangjiajie is a national AAA-level tourist attraction. It has won many titles such as "National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base", "Top 30 National Cultural Brands", "Top 10 China Tourism Performing Arts Organizations", "Repertoire Box Office Champion of China Tourism Performance Independent Theater", and "China Famous Trademark". Charming Xiangxi is an important part of Wulingyuan's night tour.