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Hunan issues 21 measures to stabilize the economy

Updated:2022-06-23 09:59:56

On June 20, the Administration for Market Regulation of Hunan Province issued "Several Measures for Market Regulation Authorities to Help Stabilize the Economy". It aims to intensify efforts in streamlining administration and delegating powers, helping enterprises tide over difficulties, and reducing fees and burdens, and promote economic stabilization and recovery and high-quality development of market players.

There are 21 measures in total, including:

-- Optimizing administrative licensing;

-- Implementing projects to multiply market players;

-- Promoting the standardization of business start-up;

-- Pilot reform of the business registration confirmation system;

-- Carrying out special rectification of enterprise-related charges;

-- Strengthening anti-unfair competition law enforcement;

-- Supporting the standardized and healthy development of the platform economy;

-- Carrying out Hunan brand building;

-- Quality and technical assistance;

-- Promoting sound development of micro and small businesses, self-employed individuals, and professional markets;

-- Reinforcing weak links in the industrial chains of intellectual property; and,

-- Reducing or exempting fees for inspection services.

Ten batches of free inspection services will be provided for key enterprises that receive assistance every year to reduce their production cost. For manufacturing enterprises registered in Hunan Province, the verification and calibration service of measurement instrument is charged at 70% of standard fees. The test detection fee for compulsory verification and type evaluation is reduced or exempted. The testing service time limit is shortened to 50% of the public declared testing time limit. One-stop service will be promoted. Door-to-door pick-up and delivery services for testing instruments will be available. Rapid testing services such as on-site testing will be offered.