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Hunan’s fruits exports surge in first five months

Updated:2022-06-24 09:37:55

According to statistics released by the Changsha Customs on June 21, from January to May, Hunan exported a total of 16,000 tons of fruit valued at 137 million yuan, an increase of 137% and 107% year-on-year respectively.

In the first five months, Hunan's main exported fruits were fertile oranges, sweet oranges, navel oranges, and summer oranges. ASEAN is Hunan' main fruit export market.

Recently, at the exported fruit packaging plant of Nongken Group in the Huilongwei Management Zone of Yongzhou, a batch of 2,520 boxes of fertile oranges were loaded into cold-chain containers and exported to Indonesia. After receiving customs declaration from the enterprise, customs officers of the Yongzhou Customs immediately sent personnel to carry out inspection and quarantine work on the same day, and issued phytosanitary certificate accordingly.

A batch of 22.5 tons of summer oranges departed from Huaihua City a few days ago, entering the Vietnamese market via the Pingxiang Port in Guangxi. Peng Junwu, general manager of the Hunan Enkun Supply Chain Co., Ltd., exporter of the fruits, introduced that the Changsha Customs contacted the Guangxi Pingxiang Port Customs in advance, and this batch of summer oranges passed custom clearance smoothly on the day when the fruits arrived at Pingxiang Port. This year, the company has exported 126.2 tons of navel oranges and summer oranges.

In order to promote the export of Hunan fruits, the Changsha Customs has established a green channel for the territorial inspection of fresh and perishable agricultural and food products. This will provide priority support to fruits inspection and facilitate testing and certificate issuance. At present, various logistics modes such as China-Laos train service and a combined sea-rail transportation service are available, which help further expand the international market for Hunan fruits.