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African student in Hunan: I want to contribute to China-Africa cooperation

Updated:2022-06-30 17:31:46

"Dear friends, you do not need to go out to buy African commodity! Authentic African products are provided here!" Gao Xiang (Chinese name) from the Republic of the Congo recommended the made-in-Africa goods in fluent Chinese via livestreaming.

Gao Xiang, 29 years old, is a postgraduate student majoring in International Chinese Language Education at Hunan Normal University. Recently, he was invited to be a live-streamer at the China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion and Innovation Demonstration Park in the Hunan Gaoqiao Grand Market.

"Internet industry in China is amazing! Livestreaming, mobile payment, and online education benefit us greatly," he said.

In 2015, Gao Xiang got a chance to study in China from the Confucius Institute Program during his undergraduate study. "I had my first visit to China. And I was deeply impressed by poeple's enthusiasm and the convenience of life,” he said. After a one-year Chinese language training, he got back home and began to teach Chinese in a local high school while working as a manager of the local branch of the Confucius Institute.

"I realized that China would provide me a broad stage for my study and work, based on the 'China speed'," Gao said.

In 2019, he came to China again. "The young people in the Republic of Congo are enthusiastic about learning Chinese language. However, qualified teacher is rare." Therefore, he decided to choose the major of International Chinese Language Education unhesitatingly, with a goal of letting more people to understand Chinese culture.

Gao Xiang felt the closer and closer friendship between China and Africa. The 2nd China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo was held in Changsha in September 2021. He volunteered to translate for the guests and recommended African products at the expo.

"More and more African commodities are served on Chinese dining tables and preferred by Chinese customers, such as chili, coffee, black tea, and wine. Meanwhile, this creates jobs for African people." Gao Xiang mentioned that, after completing his postgraduate study this year, he plans to stay in China for a doctoral degree. "I will continue to work for Chinese language education and China-Africa trade, to contribute to the cooperation between China and Africa."