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Xiangjiang laboratory established in Changsha

Updated:2022-07-11 17:08:24

On July 10, the unveiling ceremony of the Xiangjiang Laboratory was held in BeiDou Industrial Park, Changsha Hi-tech Technological Development Zone, Xiangjiang New Area, Hunan Province. Chen Fei, vice governor of the People's Government of Hunan Province; Chen Xiaohong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and director of the Xiangjiang Laboratory, jointly unveiled the laboratory's nameplate. Twenty-six academicians of CAE and the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), including Lu Xicheng who is also director of the Xiangjiang Laboratory Academic Committee, were present. This is the first provincial laboratory that was unveiled in Hunan.

The Xiangjiang Laboratory is a major innovation platform for Hunan to strengthen the support of computing power. It focuses on advanced computing and artificial intelligence; take advantage of Hunan's talent, innovation, and industrial chains; join forces with the National University of Defense Technology, Central South University, Hunan University, Hunan Technology and Business University, Hunan Normal University, Xiangtan University, and Changsha University of Science and Technology; and, gather domestic and foreign scientific and technological innovation resources. It will be committed to becoming a national advanced computing and artificial intelligence original theoretical research center, a national advanced computing and artificial intelligence key technology innovation hub, and a national advanced computing and artificial intelligence industry empowerment base. The laboratory will strive to make breakthroughs in a number of strategic, forward-looking, and fundamental major scientific issues and core and key technologies, and carry out application demonstrations to promote the high-quality development of industrial clusters such as advanced computing, smart society, intelligent manufacturing, and software and information technology services in Hunan.

The Xiangjiang Laboratory is in line with the overall framework of "1346" and is laid out according to the "headquarters plus branch plus innovation center" pattern. It will build a laboratory headquarters and three major centers of computing power, algorithms, and computing data; make research on four main directions of data intelligence, artificial intelligence of high performance computing, new intelligent computing, and field-oriented key common technologies; and, carry out in-depth applications in 6 major fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent medical and health care, intelligent resources, energy and environment, intelligent transportation and logistics, scientific supervision and social governance, and digital media, to establish a demonstration and leading area.

Vice Governor Chen Fei presented the letters of appointment to CAE Academician and Xiangjiang Laboratory Director Chen Xiaohong, and CAE Academician and Xiangjiang Laboratory Academic Committee Director Lu Xicheng.