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Digital Hunan construction plan unveiled

Updated:2022-07-15 11:17:01

Hunan recently issued a plan on constructing "Digital Hunan" during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025).

The plan focuses on digitalization of infrastructure, economy, government, society, and ecology, to map out a systematic pathway for the construction of digital Hunan.

The plan proposes an overall goal of constructing "four areas and one hub" – a digital economy innovation and leading area; a digital government construction pilot area; a digital society application demonstration area; a digital ecology development vitality area; and, a new digital infrastructure construction hub. Twenty indicators of development are involved.

To optimize the digital infrastructure: Hunan will complete construction of the national internet direct connection point this year. By 2025, rural areas can be covered by 100 Mbps internet connections; urban areas will be covered by 1 Gbps connections; and, industrial zones can realize 10 Gbps. A multilevel system of computing facilities will be formed.

To stimulate vitality of digital economy: Hunan will strive to enhance digital technology innovation capacity in key areas, and accelerate digital industrialization and digitalization and upgrading of traditional industries. By 2025, Hunan will ascend into China's top 10 in terms of digital economy, and take the national leading role in digitalization of manufacturing. A "two areas and one city" layout will take shape, consisting of a national industrial internet demonstration zone, a national AI innovation and application pilot zone, and a city of software. A national digital economy innovation and leading zone will be established.

To improve digital government efficiency: Hunan will boost opening and sharing of government service data, and joint construction and usage of digitalized government services in an orderly manner. By 2025, a frame system of basic support, data resources, business application, safety guarantee, and institutional mechanism of digital government will be formed. The capacity of "internet + government affairs service" will be elevated remarkably. A national pilot zone of digital government construction will be built.

To strengthen digital society construction: by 2025, an internet-based, digitalized, and intelligent people-benefit services system will be formed. The digital city construction will be advanced in fast pace. Digitalization will play a significant role in constructing beautiful and livable countryside, and smart and digital life style will be popularized. A digital social governance structure will be established, and a national demonstration zone for digital society application will be built.

To create a favorable digital ecology: by the end 2025, Hunan will have established a scientific and complete policy and regulation framwork on digital development. Major progress will be made in the reform of market-oriented allocation of data, including data development and transactions. Digital security system will be further strengthened. A digital Hunan construction and operation mode featuring co-construction, sharing, and scientific and efficient performance will be formed, and a digital ecology development vitality area will be established.