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2022 overseas Chinese media reporting tour in Hunan was held in Changsha

Updated:2022-07-20 19:11:44

On the evening of July 18, the launching ceremony of "Pursuing A Dream of China · Happy Hunan" 2022 overseas Chinese media reporting tour in Hunan was held in Changsha.

On the evening of July 18, the launching ceremony of "Pursuing A Dream of China · Happy Hunan" 2022 Overseas Chinese media reporting tour in Hunan was held in Changsha. The overseas Chinese media from Malaysia, Germany, Canada, Egypt, Venezuela and other 9 countries and regions, some official media, news media from related provinces and cities, which are going to Changde, Yiyang, Zhangjiajie, Xiangxi and have an on-site interview to understand the condition of Hunan economic and social development, to experience the unique culture of Hunan and the charm of Hunan elegant demeanor, and to introduce Hunan to the world. Zuo Zhiqiang, director of the Information communication Department of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and Sun Minsheng, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of Hunan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Li Zuyuan, the vice chairman and a party members from Hunan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, hosted the event.

Zuo Zhiqiang introduced that Hunan is the first station of this year's “Pursuing a Dream · China overseas Chinese media reporting tour". In recent years, under the leadership of the party group of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, "Overseas Chinese Media Reporting Tour", as an important part of the brand of "Pursuing a Dream of China", has been held for more than ten sessions, and has become an activity widely concerned by overseas Chinese media and official media concerned with overseas Chinese. He hoped that friends from the media would use their unique perspectives to discover and perceive the happy, beautiful and rich Hunan. They would use their skills of feet, eyes, brains and pens to see, write and publicize more, focus and promote Hunan, and let Xiaoxiang become a beautiful name card to be able tell the story of beautiful China to the world.

"Hunan has long been known around the world as a red land and hometown of great men." Sun Minsheng introduced Hunan to a group of overseas Chinese media and reported the highlights of the work of Hunan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese this year. Since this year, under the strong support of the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and the Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, the provincial federation has held a series of activities around the theme of “Returned Overseas Chinese heart always look forward to the Party, welcome to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, forge ahead on the new Journey", and carried out major activities such as "2022 Overseas Women's Trip to Hunan", "Returned Overseas Chinese with Hengyang city investment recruitment conference", "Hunan Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Red Classics reading and sharing session". At the same time, and Hengyang city government signed " Returned Overseas Chinese with Hengyang City" strategic cooperation framework agreement and play well "overseas card” of the new era; Hengyang government held “Returned Overseas Chinese" investment activities, and 8 projects settled in Hengyang with the total investment of 4.94 billion yuan and the introduction of funds 3.97 billion yuan.

Xu Bingyi, the president of Malaysian Home and Abroad magazine, and Xu Jingyu, a reporter form the people's political consultative conference news, speak on behalf of the overseas Chinese media, the official media. They state they will cherish this rare historical opportunity, photograph the scene of a moment with a camera to keep the memory eternal, and write out and send out the dazzling historical culture and modern civilization of Hunan by pens in hands. At the same time, they will also take advantage of their "overseas" advantages to promote Hunan from time and space, so that the world can better understand Hunan, remember Hunan, look forward to Hunan, invest in Hunan.