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Changsha wins digital government innovation achievement award

Updated:2022-07-21 09:01:51

The 2022 Digital Government Forum, organized by the China Information Industry Association, was held in Beijing recently. A case entitled "Changsha builds an ‘all-in-one’ service-oriented digital government and comprehensively upgrades its public service level",  stood out among many practical cases nationwide, and won the 2022 Digital Government Innovation Achievement Award. It was submitted by the Changsha Municipal Data Resources Management Bureau.

The Changsha "Internet + Government services" Integrated Platform has covered 3,371 service windows and 14,443 window staffers across the city. A total of 3,390 government service items and more than 1,700 public service items can be handled online. Over 300 high-frequency government service items included in the catalogue of the One-step Approval Process are made accessible inter-departmentally and inter-regionally.

"My Changsha" APP has launched nearly 1,800 government and urban service items, providing efficient and convenient services to the city's 7.5 million permanent residents. Twenty-three types of electronic certificates, such as household register and business license, have been exempted from submission, and 17 certificates, such as house ownership certificate and certificate of pension insurance participation, can be downloaded online.

The "Certification-free Zone" of "My Changsha" APP has provided online issuance services for a number of high-frequency certificates, such as non-criminal record certificate, household registration certificate, 8 types of judicial certificates, and a driver's credit certificate.

Behind the image of "certification-free city" is the collection and sharing of 15.3 billion pieces of various data and 964 types of electronic licenses. Only when the data runs safely, can citizens rely on the "My Changsha" APP and the Changsha municipal government portal to enjoy rich and colorful urban services, such as government service, public transportation, education and enrollment, and medical treatment and health care anytime and anywhere.

The acceleration of data sharing and opening has not only promoted the upgrade of finger-tip services, but also driven the continuous improvement of government service efficiency. At the beginning of this year, the Changsha municipal government released and launched the "Chang Zheng Tong" APP, aiming to build a comprehensive hub of the city's mobile government office work and the only mobile client gateway to the city's government systems. Up to now, the APP has been connected to 28 mobile government applications, with more than 100,000 registered users. It covers 171 municipal units and state-owned enterprises, 16 industrial park management committees, 9 district and county (or county-level city) governments, and 172 neighborhoods and 1,667 communities. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the "One Address Book for the Whole City" was used to contact anti-epidemic workers in all neighborhoods, quickly release the information on people with abnormal venue codes, and give feedback about the processing results in time.