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Liuyang city, Changsha county among China’s Top 20 counties

Updated:2022-07-27 14:33:49

The fifth Digital China Summit was held in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province recently. During the summit, the China Academy of Industrial Internet released a list of China's top 20 counties for industrial internet development in 2021. Changsha County and Liuyang City (county-level) in Hunan Province were on the list, ranking 7th and 18th respectively.

The top 20 counties are distributed in 5 provinces, including 7 in Jiangsu, 6 in Zhejiang, 3 in Fujian, 2 in Hunan, 1 in Shandong and 1 in Hubei.

In recent years, Hunan has vigorously promoted the integrated and innovative development of industrial internet, and successfully cultivated a number of national and provincial pilot demonstration projects. Changsha County and Liuyang City have played an exemplary and leading role in the innovative development of industrial internet among the province's county-level economies.

Changsha County has actively advanced the construction of the province's only provincial pilot zone for "5G+ Industrial Internet". It has supported six enterprise platforms including Sany Group's "Construction Machinery Industrial Internet Platform Integrated and Innovative Application" to be included in the industrial internet pilot demonstration projects evaluated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). It has fostered 10 provincial-level industrial Internet platforms and 6 provincial-level "5G+ Industrial Internet" demonstration plants. Bosch Auto Parts (Changsha) Co., Ltd., a company based in Changsha County, was selected as one of the first group of global "Lighthouse Factories" in 2022 at the World Economic Forum, for its continuous efforts in superposing new technologies and applications on the existing provincial industrial Internet platform.

Liuyang has promoted the innovative development of industrial internet in electronic information, biomedicine, fireworks, and other featured industries. Two projects, namely, "System Integration and Innovative Application Solutions Based on Lens Industrial Internet Cloud Platform" and Changsha HKC Optoelectronics "Industrial Internet Platform + Quality Management Solutions", were rated by MIIT as industrial internet pilot demonstration projects in 2020 and 2021 respectively.