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Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation held the fourth plenary committee meeting

Updated:2022-08-02 12:21:46

On July 26, the eight fourth full committee meeting of Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation was held in Changsha. The meeting thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important remarks on overseas Chinese work, summarized the work since 2021, deployed the next phaseof work in 2022, united and led the vast number of overseas Chinese to strive fora new journey and build a new era.

Since 2021, Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation has played an important role in gathering the hearts of overseas Chinese, pooling their strength and building a solid foundation for them, and has significantly improved its ideological and political“leadership”, “contribution”and “vitality”.

In terms of investment promotion, the “Overseas Chinese are always with Yancheng” investment attraction activity introduced 8 projects settled in Hengyang, with a total project investment of 4.94 billion yuan, the introduction of 3.97 billion yuan, and contributed to a number of projects landed in Xiangtan, Changde; 2021 has accumulated more than 1.3 billion yuan for overseas Chinese businessmen and  enterprises. In terms of public welfare, the provincial Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation has accepted donations of 24.9189 million yuan from overseas Chinese businessmen and enterprises; it has organized donations from the overseas Chinese community to other provinces and cities affected by natural disasters and epidemic, fully demonstrating the public welfare power of the overseas Chinese community.

In the next phrase, the provincial Overseas Chinese Federation will further deepen the implementation of the theme “Overseas Chinese heart always follow the Party, celebrate the 20th CPC National Congress, forge ahead on a new Journey”, focus on “stick to politics, promote development,improve quality, benefit people’s livelihood, fill the shortcomings, and strengthen party construction”, and take practical action to welcome the victory of the20th National Congress of the Communist Party.