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Hunan to Hold Traditional Ethnic Minorities Sports Games in Sept.

Updated:2022-08-17 15:26:44

The 10th Traditional Ethnic Minorities Sports Games of Hunan Province will be held in Jianghua Yao Autonomous County, Yongzhou, between September 20 and 24. Approved by the Hunan Provincial People's Government, it will be hosted by the Hunan National Religious Affairs Committee, the Hunan Sports Bureau, and the Yongzhou Municipal People's Government, and organized by the People's Government of Jianghua Yao Autonomous County.

According to the press conference on August 15, the number of athletes will hit a record high in the history of the games. So far, all preparations are ongoing smoothly. Some competition events will kick off on August 20.

The games, with a slogan of "getting together in Yao town to enjoy grand event of minority groups", will be organized in two phases: five competition events in phase one between August 20 and 24; and, 4 competitive and performance events in phase two between September 20 and 24.

A total of 61 items of 9 major categories will be held, including stilts race, swinging, crossbow shooting, spinning top, shuttlecock, and bodybuilding exercise, which will produce 122 gold medals. Beyond that, 58 performing programs in three categories will produce 20 gold awards.

A record 3,195 participators will be seen in this games, including 2,339 athletes of 31 delegations.

The Hunan Provincial Traditional Ethnic Minorities Sports Games is held every four years. It is Hunan's highest-level and largest comprehensive traditional national sports event. Firstly launched in 1986, the games has been held for 9 sessions. It has cultivated an array of national sports talents, inherited traditional sports of ethnic minorities, presented colorful national culture of ethnic minorities in Hunan, and promote the undertaking of traditional ethnic minority sports in the province.