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2022 China New Media Conference Slated for End of August

Updated:2022-08-24 09:52:52

The 2022 China New Media Conference (CNMC) will be held in Changsha on August 30 and 31. Themed "New Mainstream, New Journey", the conference will focus on welcoming, publicizing, and implementing the main theme of the 20th CPC National Congress, fully demonstrating the achievements of media integration since the 18th CPC National Congress, and guiding the new media industry to create a sound public opinion atmosphere for the convening of the 20th CPC National Congress.

CNMC is the most authoritative, iconic, and professional annual event in China's new media field, and has been held for three sessions. It has set up a "1+4+4" content framework; namely, an opening ceremony and main forum; 4 theme forums, and 4 theme events.

The forums are: "Building a New Height of Mainstream Public Opinion" Content Innovation Forum, "Shaping a Credible, Lovely, and Respectable Image of China" International Communication Forum, "Social Service and New Media Power" Social Responsibility Forum, and "Sci-Tech Empowers New Energy to Integrate Media into the Future" Technology Application Forum.

The events include "Talking About Chinese Fad in Malanshan" Cultural and Creative Ceremony, "New Technology, New Highland of Integrated Innovation" 2022 China New Media Technology Exhibition, the First Plenary Session of the Second Committee of the New Media Professional Committee of the All-China Journalists Association, and the special training course to promote deep integration".

The meeting will launch the collection and exhibition of integrated media creations on the 20th CPC National Congress and the 2022 China New Media Joint Public Welfare Action; release the academic achievements such as the report on deep integration and development of mainstream media in China and the research report on the development index system of the national video cultural and creative industry; carry out activities including the "Special Release of National Key Laboratories" and the "Cloud Debut" of international communication centers nationwide; release the rural revitalization smart converging media public welfare cloud platform; and, hold key investment enterprises signing ceremony.

Heads of relevant central departments and major central and local news units, experts and scholars from news colleges and research institutions, representatives of Internet technology companies and commercial communication platforms will gather at the conference. They will discuss on media integration development, new media innovative practices, Internet frontier, and other topics.

This conference is guided by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, the National Radio and Television Administration, and the People's Government of Hunan Province, and jointly sponsored by the All-China Journalists Association and the Publicity Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee.