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Highlights of Hunan International General Aviation Industry Expo

Updated:2022-08-24 09:52:40

A press conference of the 2022 Hunan International General Aviation Industry Expo was held in Changsha on August 22. He Jian, chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Hunan Sub-council, unveiled the highlights of the expo.

The expo will be held in Changsha and Zhuzhou between August 31 and September 4. In addition to offline events, an online exhibition will open on the Enterprise Hunan Network (EHN) platform between August 23 and September 6.

The online exhibition has five parts – general aviation manufacturing; drones, Beidou and 5G; general aviation services; general aviation sci-tech research; and, general aviation projects.  More than 300 exhibitors and over 1,000 domestic and foreign purchasers will participate, covering the whole industrial chain of general aviation and related sectors.

The online exhibition platform especially opens both Chinese and English versions during the half-month exhibition, to facilitate visits of an estimated over 100,000 visitors around the world.

Yang Shengyue, vice mayor of Zhuzhou, introduced that, flying displays will be held in Zhuzhou between September 1 and 4. Various aircrafts are conducting drills at present, such as fixed wing aircrafts, helicopters, powered parachutes, and hot air balloons.

An echelon of three planes staged a stunning airshow at the flying display during the expo last year, and the number will increase to five at this session. They will give an airshow at the main venue during the opening ceremony. On the afternoon of September 1, a series of airshows will be staged at the Zhuzhou Lusong Airport during the opening ceremony of the flying display, such as flypast, emergency rescue, rotocraft flypast, hot air balloon flying, powered parachute flying, and aircraft model performances.

Between August 25 and 30, aircrafts will fly over the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan area along the Xiangjiang River for an early hype.

This year's flying display will highlight more localized features. An aerobatic team of the Hunan Sunward Aircraft Co., Ltd., a Zhuzhou-based general aviation manufacturer, will stage an airshow. The Sunward SA60L aircraft, an independently-developed light sport aircraft which had been in the spotlight at various aviation exhibitions, will be shown.

Beyond that, more aircrafts in more types will be displayed at the Zhuzhou Lusong Airport compared with last year. Visitors can take photos with the aircrafts they prefer, posing as pilots.