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Hunan Handles 3,000 China-Europe Freight Trains

Updated:2022-08-29 08:44:40

As of August 23, Hunan Province had handled 3,035 China-Europe freight train trips since the unified brand of China-Europe freight trains was launched in 2016, data from the Changsha Customs shows.

In recent years, Hunan has launched an increasing number of China-Europe freight trains, and the China-Europe freight train service has become an important channel for Hunan to connect with Eurasia and open to the outside world. As of August 23, the freight trains shipped 213,000 inbound and outbound containers of goods with a cargo weight of 2.327 million tons and a value of more than 58 billion yuan. With 14 regular routes, the trains now reach nearly 100 cities in Eurasia. The main export goods are daily necessities, construction machinery and equipment, electronic products, furniture, automobiles and auto parts, and lamps. The main import goods are boards, newsprint, and milk powder.

The integrated development of China-Europe freight train service and Hunan's featured industries is promoted, with customized special trains focusing on equipment manufacturing and pilot free trade zone launched. Based on Geely Auto Group's export demand, this year the Changsha Customs supported the export of automobiles through a JSQ freight vehicle, which helped double transport capacity and reduce transportation cost by more than 30%. Up to now, 13 such freight vehicles loaded with 3,520 cars have been launched.

The Changsha Customs continuously optimizes its supervision mode and increases the advantages of China-Europe freight train service in transport time and cost. This year, the overall customs clearance time for China-Europe freight trains handled in Hunan has been reduced to 10 minutes thanks to the implementation and popularization of "advance declaration" for export goods. Such models as quick customs clearance process have been implemented at Changsha International Railway Port, so as to simplify logistics process, reduce costs, and improve throughput capacity of freight trains.