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Chinese premier congratulates 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Congress

Updated:2022-08-29 08:54:48

The 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Congress is held in Beijing, China, August 26, 2022. Photo by CFP

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang sent a congratulatory letter Saturday to the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Congress, held in Beijing and south China's Hainan Province both online and offline.

China is a major automobile producer and consumer, Li said in the letter, noting that the country's new energy vehicle (NEV) industry has in recent years developed in full swing, with its production, sales and vehicle inventory all ranking among the top globally.

As the largest developing country in the world, China needs to develop extensive international cooperation, whether in coping with climate change or in promoting green and low-carbon industries, Li said.

For a long term, the country has conducted exchanges and cooperation with countries that have a head start in the automobile industry on equipment, technologies and industrial standards, Li noted, adding that this has made use of various complementary advantages and promoted common industry development and upgrading.

"Our support policies for the NEV industry are in compliance with the international rules, and we treat NEV companies registered in China as equals," Li stressed.

He also said that China will continue deepening cooperation in the related NEV sectors with opening-up efforts, to promote the growth of the industry and inject fresh impetus into the global sustainable development of the economy and society.

The 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Congress lasts from August 26 to 28. The congress features more than 20 conferences, technology exhibitions and several concurrent events.