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7th "China Charity Day" Marked in Hunan

Updated:2022-09-07 09:13:37

This September 5 marked China's 7th Charity Day. The Department of Civil Affairs of Hunan Province and the Hunan Charity Federation (HNCF), together with Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and other units, held the 20th anniversary event of "Love Changes Destiny" program and the opening ceremony of the "China Charity Day" Hunan publicity event in Changsha. Hunan Vice Governor Li Jianzhong attended.

The "Love Changes Destiny" program is a charitable financial aid activity for students in need initiated by HNCF, Zoomlion, and other caring units. Started in 2003, it has been carried forward for 20 years. Up to now, the provincial charity system has raised more than 462 million yuan for the "Love Changes Destiny" program, subsidizing more than 104,000 inspirational students to study at universities. In 2022, the HNCF and other charity associations have raised more than 96 million yuan (including 7.9 million yuan at the provincial level), which will help 31,776 students achieve their university dreams. Ten student representatives including Yang Lin from Sangzhi County accepted the "Love Changes Destiny" grants and shared their growth stories at the ceremony. Kind-hearted companies such as Zoomlion and Changsha Longhua International Hotel donated 4.4 million yuan via HNCF.

The theme of this year's "China Charity Day" is "Join Hands to Do Charity, Spread the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty". HNCF and other provincial charitable organizations jointly issued the initiative of "Gathering Charity Power to Boost Rural Revitalization", calling on the society to join "one- day donation" campaign, turn charity into a normalized way of life, and contribute to rural revitalization. HNCF stated that it will cooperate with the news media to continue to pay attention to the new way of charity, deeply explore the good stories of revitalizing the countryside, and vigorously promote the positive energy of Hunan charity.