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The Chinese and English Website of "China · Shibadong" Going Online

Updated:2022-11-03 13:07:59


On November 3, Shibadong Village, Huayuan County, Xiangxi Prefecture,Shibadong Village Forum was held by the PublicityDepartment of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee on "Learning, Publicizing and Implementing the Spirit of the 20thCPC National Congress and Moving towards a New Journey of Rural Revitalization". At the same time, the "China · Shibadong" Chinese and English website, which tellsthe world the storiesof China's poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, went online.

On November 3, nine years ago, General Secretary XiJinping visited Shibadong Village, and the important idea of "targeted poverty alleviation", which resounded throughout the era, wentfrom here to the whole country. Today, the "Great Changes in the Remote Areas" in Shibadong Village have amazed the world and became a window of poverty alleviation. The whole process of poverty elimination has created another human miracle recorded inhumanhistory, and has provided the most convincing "Chinese sample" for the cause of poverty reduction in the world, attracting much attention from the international community.

In order to tell the world the story of China's poverty alleviation and rural revitalization,and to makethe people of the world betterunderstand a real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China, the CPC Huayuan County Committee and the People's Government of Huayuan County, under the guidance of the PublicityDepartment of theCPCHunan Provincial Committee and the Publicity Department of the CPC Xiangxi Prefecture Committee, take the " birthplace " of targeted poverty alleviation---Shibadong Village as the gateway, and guidedbythe PublicityDepartment of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the PublicityDepartment of the CPC Xiangxi Prefecture Committee, sponsored by the CPC Huayuan County Committee and the People's Government of Huayuan County, and undertakenby Hunan RedNet New Media Group,the " China · Shibadong " Chinese and English websitewas launched.

The website has two sections: FocusScroll area and the Convergence Media Communication Area. The focus scroll area has four columns, " Xi Jinping and Shibadong ", " Xi Jinping in Hunan ", " Xi Jinping and Targeted Poverty Alleviation " and " The way to Shibadong'spovertyElimination".The Financial media communication area also has four columns, "Our Villages", "Charming Xiangxi", "The Beauty of Hunan" and "Local Specialties", to vividly present the rural scenery, happy smiling faces and beautiful life from Shibadong Village, to Xiangxi, and then to the whole province.

The Chinese and English website of "China · Shibadong" aims to highlight the profound connotation and time value of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, vividly presentsthe practice and achievements of targeted poverty alleviation, tellsa story about China’s comprehensively promoting rural revitalization on the new journey, and helpsShibadong Village to upgradefrom the model of targeted poverty alleviation to the model of rural revitalization. At the same time, the website also introduces the beauty of Shibadong in an all-round and multi-angle mannerwith the beautiful scenery, food, life, etc., and showsthe charm of Xiangxi and great beauty of Hunan, opening a new window for the world to understand Shibadong Village, Hunan Province and China.

Going forward, the website will also enable people around the world to easily understand and buy high-quality agricultural products in China through multilingual live streaming and global online sales.

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