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CPC Faces: The doctor of trains

Updated:2022-11-04 17:01:20

Li Xiangqian is a diesel locomotive fitter at the Luoyang Motive Power Depot in Henan Province, centralChina. This is his first and only job since he started working 27 years ago. Heis also known as the "doctor of trains" by his fellow workers.

Throughout hiscareer, he has been a locomotive fitter, a problem solver,head of the "Li Xiangqian Master Studio"andfounder of the "Xiangqian Foundation."

As a grassroots representative, Li Xiangqian said that he joined the Communist Party in 2007 because he wanted to have more opportunities to integrate into the teamand work together with everyone to find waysto make the locomotives run fasterand even better. He thinks a Party member should always be the first to take on any challenge.