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Community stations assist sci-tech popularization

Updated:2022-11-07 09:34:01

Pupils experience the virtual fire extinguishing training system.

Recently, children enjoyed experiencing VR headsets, dynamic projectors, and other rare sci-tech products at the sci-tech popularization station in Yangguangyuan Community, Beihu District, Chenzhou City. Adult visitors also had fun there. They could not only take children there to increase scientific knowledge, but also refresh their understanding of science and technology through interaction with the sci-tech products.

Juveniles learned about new types of drugs and their hazards at the sci-tech popularization station in Xiangzhang Yayuan Community.

Since last year, community residents in Beihu District had a new place for leisure, the sci-tech popularization station. This is a major initiative of the sci-tech associations in Beihu District and Chenzhou City, to further promote the deepening reform of the sci-tech association system. It aims to provide people with high-quality sci-tech popularization products and services nearby; continuously improve the scientific quality of residents; and, allow them to take part in the popularization work of science and technology, to jointly create a scientific, civilized, warm, and harmonious living environment and share the results of civilized and healthy life. These stations have become an important force for gathering youth groups in the community to serve in community sci-tech popularization activities.

A children experience manual spelling at the station.