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Landscape in miniature丨2 minutes to cross the bottom of Zhangjiajie

Updated:2022-11-19 11:55:07

The young artists used local specialties of Zhangjiajie, cured meat and Lei tea, as the main materials, supplemented by waste rock, foam and other environmental protection materials. After seven days of construction and layers of carving, they finally made the miniature landscape art work "Miniature Zhangjiajie".

"Miniature Zhangjiajie" uses gardening techniques of traditional Chinese gardens, local food materials and green environmental protection materials to present the familiar natural geographical features and folk customs of Zhangjiajie in a fresh way, and makes a real restoration of the geomorphic scenery of Zhangjiajie in different states such as peak forest, stream, sea of clouds, sunrise, snow scenery and rime in the core scenic spot. Strive to show a different "Fairyland Zhangjiajie".

In the view of young artists, the miniature Zhangjiajie is not only about the miniature shape, but also about the miniature flavor. It is the people raised by this land who return their feelings to the landscape. On the one hand, you can see a different Zhangjiajie, a glance at beautiful mountains and waters; On the other hand, by using local specialties and environmental protection materials, the concepts of "take from nature, return to nature" and "harmonious coexistence between human and nature" are conveyed.