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Bus service facilitates urban-rural passenger transport

Updated:2022-11-28 14:18:05

The photo, taken on November 26, shows a green bus running along a bus route connecting urban and rural areas in Danqing Town, Jishou City. This passenger transport route, connecting the commercial center of Jishou City and Danqing Town, opened to traffic on that day. In recent years, Jishou City has been boosting the urban-rural passenger transport integration, improving the transportation infrastructure for urban-rural transport, and expanding the public transport service coverage in rural areas. These efforts helped satisfy the last-mile travel demand of the locals, and enhance rural revitalization and integrated urban-rural development. 

Photo by Peng Jing

The photo, taken on November 26, shows villagers searched for the updated bus information at the comprehensive transport service station at Qingming Neighborhood, Danqing Town, Jishou City.