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3D real scene in Zhangjiajie |Metaverse blockbuster! Breathtaking

Updated:2022-11-21 11:19:53

This video will show you different scenery in Zhangjiajie! Zhangjiajie is in a version of the Metaverse! Watch the video on a large screen to feel the beautiful view.

In order to better promote the new achievements of Zhangjiajie's digital and intelligent development, to create a "metaspace" integrating Zhangjiajie's landscape and city, to push the "New technology" of Hunan's cultural and creative tourism, and to show the new charm of "International Zhangjiajie", the Hunan Provincial Department of Natural Resources conducted the first Hunan Tourism Development Conference, and created a live metaverse cultural tourism promotional film "Wonderland Zhangjiajie" by using the 3D real scene and combining VR+AR technology.

The "metaverse" scene makes the grotesque peak "alive", bringing users an immersive new experience of "The borderless worldand symbiosis of deficiency and reality".

The whole video takes a mountain, a river and a family as the theme, and uses the mascot of the first Hunan Tourism Development Conference to connect Zhangjiajie's beautiful scenery and cultural landscape, creating a wonderful scene beyond reality.

Thank Hunan Provincial Department of Natural Resources, Zhangjiajie Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, and The First Surveying and mapping Institute of Hunan Province for providing video materials. Please indicate the source of the video reproduced.