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Shibadong Miao Embroidery in First Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage Exposition

Updated:2022-11-21 11:27:20

In the First Intangible Cultural Heritage Exposition in Hunan Province, the handicrafts of Shibadong Miao Embroidery and “RebaMei”(Tujie girls)’s handicraftshave attracted many tourists’attention.

In these crafts, people feel the gratifying changes brought by intangible cultural heritage to the rural revitalization of Hunan.

“What I am embroidering now is a picture of flowers and birds dancing together and everything in harmony.“ Wang Zhihua, the person in charge of the Demonstration Base for the Revitalization of the ShibadongMiao Embroidery in Huayuan County, Xingaxi Autonomous Prefecture, said that this picture also contains their good wishes for the successful convening of the first Hunan Tourism Development Conference.