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Welcome to the Shibadong Agriculture Farming Expo Park

Updated:2022-12-07 11:24:11


The students listened and memorized the advantages of soilless culture.

Photo by Xiangxi National Agricultural Science and Technology Park

"This is soilless cultivation. I've seen it on TV." "I never know that vegetables can grow on the shelf." "This is Dracaena, a tropical plant..."

On November 22, with drizzling rain, students from Furong School in Huayuan County were very enthusiastic and amazed at the high-tech modern agriculture in the Shibadong Smart Agriculture Expo Park in Huayuan County.

More than 100 students from Furong School in Huayuan County are the first guests of the Shibadong Smart Agriculture Expo Park. At this time, they were guided by their teachers to visit the Agricultural Expo Park, learned about modern cutting-edge agricultural high-tech technologies such as soilless cultivation and three-dimensional planting, and feel the construction effect of modern agricultural development.


Located in Xiangxi National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, the Shibadong Smart Agriculture Expo Park covers an area of about 39 mu, with four smart greenhouses and supporting facilities. It is a modern agricultural science and technology expo park integrating modern agricultural development, science and technology demonstration and promotion, sightseeing tourism and other functions. The four smart greenhouses are divided into "Smart Agricultural Brain", "Quality Vegetable Garden", "Plant Factory" and "New Species Garden". The four greenhouses have both a sense of technology and local characteristics.

"This is the central control room of the Internet of Things, the" heart "of the intelligent greenhouse. We only need to set the temperature, humidity, and water and fertilizer nutrition ratio required for plant growth through the computer, so that crops can grow freely, and farmers do not need to water, fertilize and carethem." In the "Smart Agricultural Brain" Smart Greenhouse, the park announcer introduced it to the children.


The "Smart Agricultural Brain" NO.1 smart greenhouse also displayed the fish vegetable symbiosis system, urban agriculture, tropical plants and local characteristic fruits in western Hunan. In the greenhouse, ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables, are all in aorderly distribution.

Yao Shufan, a child, is very interested in urban agriculture. He said that three-dimensional urban agriculture not only does not use soil, but also does not take up space. We can plant vegetables on the balcony, so we can be self-sufficient in vegetables at home, which is very convenient.


The "Quality Vegetable Garden" in the No. 2 smart greenhouse shows new vegetable planting models such as column cultivation, wall cultivation, and stacked bowl cultivation, as well as other various of quality vegetable. Greenhouse NO.3 is a "Plant Factory" and a factory seedling breeding base. The "New Product Garden" in Greenhouse NO.4 is mainly about introduction, trial planting and comparative test of crops, laying the foundation for the subsequent demonstration in the "Quality Vegetable Garden". At present, there are varieties of crops such as golden tea, evodia rutaecarpa, camellia seedlings and chrysanthemum.

"At present, the construction of Greenhouses 1, 2 and 4 has been basically completed. Visitors can experience high-tech modern agriculture and learn about quality vegetable varieties." Chen Wei, director of Xiangxi National Agricultural Science and Technology Park Development and Construction Bureau, said.


The planting technology full of sense of science and technology and these various flowers and plants constantly attract the attention of children. They record what they have seen and heard in their notebooks, carefully study different kinds of plants and communicate with their classmates.

Chen Wei introduced that the Shibadong Smart Agriculture Expo Park is guided by the experience of industrial integration and development in the process of enclave economy and poverty alleviation in Shibadong Village. Through high-quality and efficient agricultural industry, modern cutting-edge agricultural science and technology, and advanced high-end agricultural machinery, it focuses on demonstrating the new model of rural revitalization industry development, which aims to show the power of the birthplace of targeted poverty alleviation.