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Look·看湖南|Baisha Ancient Well: a poem hidden in the city center

Updated:2023-08-15 16:31:47

By Chen Aonan, Ren Ye and Hu Zhuoyuan in Changsha

Recently, city walks is all the rage. On this hot and humid day, i will recommend a perfect place to you——Baisha Ancient Well.


Baisha Ancient Well, located in Chengnan Road Street, Tianxin District, Changsha City, is known as the number one spring in Changsha due to its steaming air, abundant water, and sweet taste. Residents come to fetch water every day in an endless stream.


“I have just drunk the water of Changsha, And come to eat the fish of Wuchang. ”Chairman Mao wrote in his “Prelude to Water Melody: Swimming ". The water here refers to the water of Baisha Ancient Well.


The water level in Baisha Ancient Well remains the same regardless of the seasons. The spring water never overflows, nor dries up, it keeps flowing. The water quality is pure and comes with a hint of sweetness. So people from far and near have spared no effort to come here to gather water, and everyone consciously follows the rules to protect this millennium old well.


Surrounded by the ancient well, there are trees, pavilions, music and singers, suitable for both movement and stillness. Such a "paradise" in the city center is the perfect interpretation of the dialogue between the city and history.

When you are upset, come to Baisha Ancient Well to experience the process of time slowing down. You will find that there are not so many things to worry about. The sun will still rise tomorrow.