Knowing All about Hunan


Updated:2023-09-14 19:03:41

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Wugang Crispy copper Goose's meat is tender and delicate, while its broth is mellow and rich. The skin of it is oily and crispy. The goose is known as "the famous goose in the world". Wugang, located in the southwestern part of Hunan Province, It's also renowned as the hometown of the copper goose.


The Wugang Copper Goose is named for its beak, tibia, and fins, which are either orange yellow, resembling brass, or cyan gray, resembling bronze. Stewed Goose, Steamed Rice Goose, Fried Plasma Goose, Roasted Goose, Braised Goose...... A journey of flavour searching on tongue is unfolding in Wugang, a "thousand-year-old royal city" with a history of more than 2,200 years of founding.


Beer with Braised food offers a refreshing and cool taste experience. As the "Capital of Braised food”. Wugang is said that "everything can be into the brine". Wugang Braised food has a long history, was the Royal Tribute of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The production process is complex, using more than twenty flavours of precious herbs. The brine simmers in a brine pot. And the raw materials repeatedly boiled more than five times, keep drying and it’s finally done. Wugang Braised food is thus classified in the category of the "medicinal brine".


Braised Beef, Braised Dried Tofu, Braised Goose Palm, Braised Pork Blood Meatballs, only what you can't think of, there is nothing that the people of Wugang can't be braised. Among them, the Braised dried bean curd is full of aroma, firm texture, dry and fragrant, chewy, with a long aftertaste.


Obtaining this brine requires thousands of years of inheritance. The flavour of Wugang floats all over China. Take on the trip to your own taste journey on the ancient city Wugang!