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Chenzhou Overseas Chinese Federation carried out a condolence activity in Beihu

Updated:2023-01-10 14:48:09

On the afternoon of January 3, when the 2023 Spring Festival is approaching, Lei Gaiping, secretary of Chenzhou Overseas Chinese Federation, accompanied by He Donglin, deputy secretary of the Beihu District Party Committee and minister of the United Front Work Department, came to Beihu District to pay a visit to poor returned overseas Chinese and their families, and convey the cordial care and greetings of the Party and the government, the United Front Work Department and the overseas Chinese federation to the returned overseas Chinese and their families.

Everywhere they went, the visiting group talked with the overseas Chinese families and their relatives, asked them about their current living conditions and physical conditions, learned about their work and life, and send regards to their overseas relatives through them. Returned overseas Chinese and their relatives said that they would convey the care of the Party and the government to their overseas relatives, and mobilize them to make more contributions to the economic development of their hometown.