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Hunan dark tea exported to USA for first time

Updated:2023-01-10 15:58:04

On January 8, 1,960 kg of Hunan dark tea was shipped for export to the United States for the first time, after passing the inspection by Xingsha Customs, a subsidiary of Changsha Customs. According to statistics, Hunan exported a total of 240 tons of dark tea in 2022, and the volume has nearly doubled over the previous year.

Relevant person in charge introduced that this batch of dark tea was processed from high-quality fresh leaves in Anhua during summer and autumn seasons. At the end of 2022, the company promoted Hunan dark tea products to cooperative tea agents in the U.S. and signed trade contracts. Next, it will develop Hunan dark tea products such as bagged and granular tea that meet the needs of the U.S. market based on feedback and requirements, to further expand exports to the United States.

In order to ensure smooth export of this batch of dark tea, Changsha Customs helped the company to collect relevant testing standards and agricultural residue limit requirements of the importing country; urged it to strengthen the acceptance check of raw materials and inspection of finished products; and, guided it to declare exports under the dark tea tax tariff number. Since 2022, Changsha Customs has selected 8 representative tea companies and filing bases, and introduced 15 measures to promote the export of Anhua dark tea, creating a "fast track" for the export of dark tea, and comprehensively serving the development of the export tea industry.