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Hunan witnesses nearly 40 million passenger trips during Spring Festival travel

Updated:2023-02-17 15:03:42

The 40-day Spring Festival travel rush came to an end on February 15, 2023. Hunan Province saw a total of 39.856 million passenger trips during the period, an increase of 10.48% over the same period last year. Some 19.036 million road trips, 16.907 million train trips, 2.842 million air trips, and 1.072 million waterway trips were made provincewide, showing a varying degree of growth compared to the same period in 2022.

There were 21,500 vehicles, 578 pairs of trains, and 881 ships operated daily across Hunan Province during the travel rush. The "point-to-point" transportation via chartered buses and special trains and carriages was organized for special passenger groups such as migrant workers and students. So far, Hunan has arranged 16 special trains and 5,111 chartered buses to transport more than 300,000 returned migrant workers resuming work.