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Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation awards plaque to a Changsha History Museum

Updated:2023-02-22 15:07:32



On February 15, Li Zuyuan, member of the party group and vice chairman of Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation, awarded a plaque to the Changsha History Museum of the Communist Party of China, which is a cultural exchange base for overseas Chinese in Hunan Province. Chen Hui, Chairman of Changsha Overseas Chinese Federation, presided over the ceremony, and Yan Chengfang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Minister of United Front Work of Kaifu District, delivered a speech.

Introduction to the base:

The Changsha History Museum of the Communist Party of China is located at No. 538, Bayi Road, Changsha, covering an area of about 40,000 square meters, and is subordinate to the Party History Research Office of the CPC Changsha Municipal Committee, responsible for the collection, research and storage of historical materials and cultural relics of Changsha, as well as related exhibition and propaganda education.