Knowing All about Hunan

Come on!湖南玩趣②丨锦绣潇湘美得不像话,像“画”

Updated:2023-03-17 10:04:05


Yuelu Mountain is a microcosm of Hunan's history. Revolutionary martyrs such as Huang Xing, Cai E and Chen Tianhua rest here in peace.


Yuelu Academy, which was founded in the Northern Song Dynasty, is one of the four academies in ancient China and also the birthplace of Huxiang culture.


Orange Isle faces Yuelu Mountain across the Xiangjiang river, it looks like an aircraft carrier that ready to go. A magnificent artistic statue of Mao Zedong's youth stands here.


At present, Changsha International Finance Square (IFS) is the tallest building in Hunan and the Internet-famous landmark of Changsha. Do not forget to take a walk in the IFS.


Meixi Lake is an international area, there are multiple spots such as, Meixi Lake International Culture Art Centre which has a reputation of Steely Hibiscus, Lucky Knot Bridge, Meixi Lake Park and Meixi Lake City Island, etc. The scenery of Meixi Lake is really picturesque.


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