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Zhangjiajie Overseas Chinese Federation meets with overseas Chinese leaders

Updated:2023-03-14 14:48:03

On February 25-26, Xiao Lingyan, the founding president of Danish Hunan Chamber of Commerce and Danish Hunan Hometown Association, the executive vice president of European Union Hunan Chamber of Commerce, the executive vice president of European Chinese Overseas Women's Association, the vice president of xSpaces, and the co-founder of Beijing Yuan Circle Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Zhao Ning, CEO and co-founder of xSpaces, Yuanhuan Universe and an overseas Chinese from Australia, visited Zhangjiajie.


In the afternoon of February 25, Cao Wuhuo, secretary of the party group of Zhangjiajie Overseas Chinese Federation, hosted a "Overseas Chinese, Zhangjiajie and Metaverse" cultural and tourism cooperation forum at the Zhangjiajie Metaverse Research Center. He Yang, standing committee member of Wulingyuan district and minister of United Front Work Department, Xiong Guangyuan, vice chairman of Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee of the Zhigong Party and director of the Zhangjiajie Municipal Medical Insurance Center, and Wu Shengzhang, member of the party group and vice chairman of Zhangjiajie Overseas Chinese Federation, attended the talkfest.


Cao expressed his gratitude to Xiao Lingyan and Zhao Ning for coming all the way to Zhangjiajie to seek common development. He hoped that with this talkfestas a good start, he would explore the new mode of cooperation of "Overseas Chinese, Zhangjiajie and Metaverse", consolidate and expand the achievements of the first Hunan Tourism Development Conference with practical actions of cooperation, help Wuling Yuan District to host the first Zhangjiajie Tourism Development Conference, and show the effectiveness of the work that carried out by Overseas Chinese Federation system in serving Overseas Chinese, local development and national strategy.