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Six new traditional Chinese villages in Xiangxi

Updated:2023-03-27 15:52:33


Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other six departments jointly announced the list of the sixth batch traditional villages in China.

Yang Liu village, Guocha Village, Baihe Village, Kongping Village, Laozhai Village, Dui Chong Village and other six villages in Xiangxi are on the list. So far, Xiangxi was approved to be included in the list of Chinese traditional villages up to 178 villages.

Xiangxi Prefecture, mainly composed of Tujia, Miao traditional villages, has abundant resources. The characteristics of the villages here are well preserved, with a high degree of integrity of the elements. At present, a large number of traditional villages in Xiangxi have become the "Internet-famous spots" on the "Tujia Origin Exploration" and "Mysterious Miao Township" rural tourism lines, and are radiating new vitality in rural revitalization.