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Six "Overseas Chinese Homes" in Hunan were honored

Updated:2023-03-01 12:18:01

Recently, the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese identified the list of typical units of the "Overseas Chinese Homes" in the National Overseas Chinese Federation System for the years 2021-2022 and commended them. There are six "Overseas Chinese Homes" in our Hunan province, they are: "Overseas Chinese Home" in Xuetangpo Community, Changsha City, "Overseas Chinese Home" in Xiangtan City, "Overseas Chinese Home" in Changde City, "Overseas Chinese Home" in Beita District, Shaoyang City, "Overseas Chinese Home"in Hengyang Normal College, and "Overseas Chinese Home"in Ziwei Village, Yiyang City.

The "Overseas Chinese Homes" in Hunan Province widely contact, guide and serve the overseas Chinese compatriots at home and abroad, and have become an emotional landmark and spiritual home for the overseas Chinese. They are now widely trusted and praised by the overseas Chinese.