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"Belt and Road" International Culture Exchange Delegation visits Zhangjiajie

Updated:2023-03-02 10:51:30

A "Belt and Road" international culture and tourism exchange delegation consisting of more than 50 athletes from Madagascar and Myanmar visited Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City on February 25.

Athletes from Madagascar and Myanmar posed for a group photo at Zishan Manju.

The delegation visited the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and carried out field research on outdoor sports routes of Wulingyuan Core Scenic Area, one of the first batch of national sports tourism demonstration bases. They also paid a visit to Zhangjiajie World Geopark Museum and attended a study tour course on the popularization of Zhangjiajie's geomorphological knowledge.

Athletes from Madagascar and Myanmar visited Zhangjiajie World Geopark Museum.

The delegation visited the Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage Protection Research and Exchange Center and the Guaiyaomei Tujia Brocade Production and R&D Base in Zishan Manju. They learned about the protection status of Wulingyuan intangible cultural heritage items and Tujia brocade weaving techniques through visiting and making brocade products. This helped them increase understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

Malagasy athletes experienced brocade weaving at the Guaiyaomei Tujia Brocade Production and R&D Base in Zhangjiajie City.

At that night, the delegation learned to perform Baishou Dance of Tujia ethnic group and watched a large folk culture show "Charming Xiangxi" at the Charming Xiangxi Scenic Area. They participated in interactive activities to experience the charm of folk culture.

Athletes from Madagascar and Myanmar, together with tourists, performed Baishou Dance at the Charming Xiangxi Scenic Area.

This year the Wulingyuan District government plans to invite diplomatic envoys to China from Belt and Road countries, foreign officials from the fields of sports, culture and tourism, and foreign athletes to carry out exchanges in culture, tourism, sports and other fields on a regular basis. The move aims to increase the popularity and influence of Wulingyuan in the international community and help the region take a leading role in building a world-class tourist destination.