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Laos Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Hunan Office was established

Updated:2023-04-10 14:03:01


Laos Hunan Chamber of Commerce office in Hunan and China-ASEAN Cultural Commodities Exhibition Center was established.

Today, the inauguration ceremony of the Laos Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Hunan office and China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Commodities Exhibition Center was held in Changsha, providing a new platform and taking a new step for the exchange and cooperation between Hunan and Laos in the fields of economy, trade, culture and tourism.

Consul General of Laos in Changsha, Smokhit Vankham, member of the party group and vice chairman of Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation, Li Zuyuan, member of the party group and vice chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hunan Sub-council, Wu Dengguo, secretary of the party committee and director of Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, Zhang Junping, secondary inspector of Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce, Xie Mingliang attended the ceremony.

Laos is a friendly neighbor of China, and under the "The Belt and Road Initiative", these two countries have made great progress in economic, trade and cultural cooperation over the years. Especially under the "matchmaking" of Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Laos, the exchange between the two places has been increased.

"The establishment of the Laos Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Hunan office and China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange and Commodities Exhibition Center will provide more convenient services to enhance the trade and commerce between Laos and Hunan, and also provide a new platform for Hunan enterprises and individuals to understand Laos and carry out cooperation in investment and trade." Lao Hunan Chamber of Commerce President Li Wenke said, "We will carry out cultural and economic and trade exchange activities on the 9th of every month to display and promote the high-quality products of the two sides to each other, and strive to promote win-win cooperation and reach a better interconnection of culture, tourism as well as commodities."

At the event site, folk music and Lao folk dance performance showed the deep friendship between Hunan and Laos. The exhibition center attracted merchants from different regions and countries by displaying Hunan's traditional crafts and literature and arts, allowing more people to understand and know Hunan's culture. It also showcases Hunan specialties, such as Hunan tea, Hunan porcelain, Hunan tobacco and wine, which helps to strengthen the promotion and sales of Hunan specialties, thus promoting the exchange and cooperation between Hunan culture and the culture of other regions.

It is understood that Laos Hunan Chamber of Commerce, which was established in 2008, has taken the Chamber as a link to attract and integrate resources from various aspects and carried out a series of work around the economic and social development of Laos, traditional friendship between China and Laos and economic and trade exchanges. At present, the cooperation fields between Laos and Hunan cover a wide range of areas, including mineral development, agricultural machinery, motorcycle manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and so on. According to the statistics of Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Laos, they have invested more than one billion yuan in Hunan.