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Shibadong villagers take their first flight on the Biancheng Airport

Updated:2023-04-10 14:02:51

On March 31, Shi Quncui and Long Jian, who are the representatives of the villagers in Shibadong, participated in the first test flight of Xiangxi Biancheng Airport. When they talk about their "first experience", they still can't get enough of it and look forward to flying again after the opening of the airport.

In 2014, also as a representative of the villagers, Long Jian first took a plane to Sichuan Dujiangyan to investigate the kiwifruit industry, "Seeing that every household there has a small car, the confidence in developing the kiwifruit industry was stronger in my heart." In the past nine years, Long Jian has witnessed the kiwifruit industry in the village from scratch to six consecutive years of distribute dividends to the villagers, and also witnessed the test flight of the Biancheng Airport in Xiangxi, and is looking forward to the opening of the flight.

After the opening of the flight, Long Jian most want to go to Beijing, "I want to go to Tian'anmen to see the national flag raising, and then to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall". Like Long Jian, Shi Quncui is also looking forward to the flight. "Waiting for the official opening of the flight, we welcome friends from all over the world to take the plane and come to our Shibadong Village to visit."