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Beijing Overseas Chinese Youth Entering Changsha

Updated:2023-05-19 15:31:49


Beijing Overseas Chinese youth and Zhounan Meixihu Middle School held discussions on the enrollment of overseas Chinese of Hunan nationality.


Beijing Overseas Chinese youth and Hunan Overseas Chinese youth held discussions and exchanges ideas around industry incubation, Chinese language education, and international communication.

From April 11th to 12th, Beijing Overseas Chinese youth visited Changsha, and conducted on-site inspections at Zhounan Meixihu Middle School and Huayi Middle School. Beijing Overseas Chinese youth, Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation, Changsha Education Bureau, and schools have conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the enrollment of overseas Chinese of Hunan nationality.

Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation stated that the work of the Overseas Chinese Federation and education should be closely combined, innovative measures should be taken, relevant policies should be introduced, and development of overseas Chinese education should be promoted, in order to continuously introduce excellent overseas talents for Hunan.

During the research period, Li Zuyuan, member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation, met with the group of Beijing Overseas Chinese youth. Beijing Overseas Chinese youth also conducted an investigation on the "Overseas Chinese Dreams’ Garden " in Changsha.