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Shibadong Village will hold a half marathon and the "520" Rural Dating Festival

Updated:2023-05-11 14:16:39


"Be grateful for the past ten years, and forge ahead on a new journey!" Let's start from Shibadong Village and run towards happiness together! Xiangxi Huayuan County sends a sincere invitation to all sectors of society.


On May 10th, the 2023 "Changsha Bank Cup" China Shibadong Village Half Marathon and the "520" China Rural Dating Festival Press Conference were held in Beijing. At the meeting, it was introduced that on May 20th, the 2020 "Changsha Bank Cup" China Shibadong Village Half Marathon and "520" China Rural Dating Festival will be held in Shibadong Village, Huayuan County. Through competitions, festivals, and other forms, a new model of sports, culture and tourism integration with regional characteristics will be created, and the "New Era Red Landmark" of Shibadong will continue to shine brightly.


This activity consists of three parts: Half Marathon, Happy and Sweet Run, and Rural Dating Festival. The Half Marathon starts from Lizizhai, Shibatong Village, passing through New village headquarters, Tourist Center, Feichongzhai, National Highway 319, Shibadong Village Entrance, Zhangdao Village, Zhuzizhai, etc., allowing every contestant to experience the simple Miao culture and stunning natural scenery along the track, and personally feel the development and changes of the "birthplace" (of targeted poverty alleviation).


The 5.20km Happy and Sweet Run will be done by couples or lovers holding hands running, leaving footprints of love in the beautiful place and running towards happiness together.


In the Rural Dating Festival, single friends will select their desired partners through the three minute dates, three people hug together in a group, throw embroidered balls, ultimate pairing, and release wishing balloons. In the afternoon, an immersive experience "Brave Forward" will be held in the border town in Mr. Shen Congwen's novel to explore the love story of Cuicui under the White Tower.


This Half Marathon will recruit 500 contestants nationwide, 1300 contestants in the Happy and Sweet Run, and 100 pairs of single young people for the Dating Festival. Signing up is underway currently.