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Shibadong Village: Running towards happiness

Updated:2023-05-22 11:15:21


On the morning of May 20, an energetic sports meet was held at the "Foggy Miao Village" in the Shibadong Village of Huayuan County, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan Province. This was the first half marathon held in Shibadong Village, also starting from the starting point were the participants of the Happy Sweet Run. In total, more than 1200 runners from all over the country gathered in the village to experience the development of the "birthplace" of targeted poverty alleviation and to witness the romantic love of 100 single young people.



The Half Marathon starts from Lizizhai, Shibatong Village, passing through New village headquarters, Tourist Center, Feichongzhai, National Highway 319, Shibadong Village Entrance, Zhangdao Village, Zhuzizhai. The total length is about 21 kilometers, among which, the road that the runners travel through --- Huayuan County Y021 line is not only the "Top Ten Beautiful Rural Roads" selected by the Ministry of Transportation, but also a road to rid of poverty, a ecological landscape road, and a road to promote rural revitalization and improve the happiness of people along the road. The Happy Sweet Run was 5.20 kilometers long. On the course, everyone supported each other and encouraged each other to run through the sweet journey together.



The runway is full of happiness and sweetness, and the meeting hall in the village headquarters of Shibadong Village is also full of romance. More than 100 single young people, through the three-minute date, the ultimate match, the collective release of wishing balloons and other interactive links to enhance understanding of each other. According to the introduction, the Shibadong Matchmaking Event has been successfully held for seven times, which has led to more than 100 pairs of young men and women be in love successfully, among which more than 30 young people are from Shibadong Village.