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Thailand Hunan Chamber of Commerce visited Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation

Updated:2023-05-25 11:56:22


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On May 8th, a delegation led by the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Thailand visited the Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation. Sun Minsheng, Secretary of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation, met with the visiting guests and held a discussion.

Liu Chunying, President of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, gave a brief introduction on the construction of the Chamber of Commerce and industrial parks. Other members of the Chamber of Commerce discussed the development direction of the Chamber of Commerce in the next stage based on their own development.

Sun Minsheng warmly welcomed the arrival of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Thailand and his delegation. He pointed out that the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Thailand has a glorious tradition, and its president, Liu Chunying, is also a role model for Hunan people in Thailand and an outstanding representative of the "return of Hunan merchants". He hoped that through this exchange, the Chamber of Commerce can further improve its mechanism, establish an organizational structure, optimize personnel allocation, attract more new forces to join, strengthen its team, expand its influence, and ensure its sustainable development.

Sun Minsheng stated that the Chamber of Commerce should further increase its publicity efforts, strictly adhere to membership standards, unite with Hunan people, actively safeguard the rights and interests of Hunan citizens overseas, maintain the good image of Hunan overseas Chinese groups overseas, and work together to make the Chamber of Commerce a "leader" among Southeast Asian overseas Chinese groups. The Chamber of Commerce should fully leverage its platform advantages, integrate resources, unite Hunan people, conduct activities well, handle relationships well, connect Hunan and Thailand well, do a good job in "bringing in" and "going out" work, promote mutual benefit and win-win situation, and contribute to the economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges between Hunan and Thailand. I hope that all entrepreneurs will actively respond to the call to "welcome their fellow, return to their hometown, and build their hometown", bring back high-quality resources, serve the development of their hometown, and contribute the strength of the overseas Chinese community to the construction of a modern new Hunan.