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Media Outlets from ASEAN Countries to Visit Hunan

Updated:2023-05-08 15:55:05

On May 4, Li Chunqiu, deputy secretary of the CPC Huaihua Municipal Committee and mayor of Huaihua City, met in Huaihua with an interview delegation of mainstream media outlets from ASEAN countries. (Photo/Yang Huafeng)

Fourteen overseas Chinese media outlets and foreign media agencies from eight ASEAN countries arrived in Huaihua City on May 4, to attend an interview activity. In the coming week, the delegation will provide coverage of the first Hunan (Huaihua) RCEP Economic and Trade Expo, explore development opportunities for industrial exchanges and complementarity between Huaihua and ASEAN countries, pay field visits to Huaihua International Land Port and related enterprises, visit ancient villages to experience intangible cultural heritage and folk customs of minority ethnic groups, and try their hands at making Jietan tea.