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2023 "Overseas Chinese Gathering in Hunan" event opens in Huaihua

Updated:2023-10-11 14:09:11



2023 "Overseas Chinese Gathering in Hunan" event opens in Huaihua



At the opening ceremony, 16 projects were signed centrally.


In the "National Sixth Harvest Festival" period, on September 24, by the Hunan Provincial People's Government Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation and Huaihua Municipal People's Government co-sponsored the 2023 "Overseas Chinese Gathering in Hunan" and the Remember the Scenery, the Town, the Taste Harvest Festival activities in Huaihua opened.


At the opening ceremony, 16 projects totaling 7.072 billion yuan were signed centrally, and a cultural performance to celebrate the harvest was held. Representatives of enterprises contributing to rural revitalization, representatives of overseas business associations from five continents, representatives of overseas Chinese media, and representatives of provincial Overseas Chinese Youth combined with their own realities to share their perceptions and experiences on the cause of rural revitalization, and indicated that they would give full play to their unique resources to inject constant power for the cause of rural revitalization in Hunan.


Li Zuyuan, member of the party group and vice-chairman of the Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation, Yao Shuming and Han Xiaobo, leaders of Huaihua City, and nearly 200 people from overseas Chinese and young people from overseas Chinese at home and abroad attended the opening ceremony.