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Changsha County Shortlisted for National Key Counties for Leisure Agriculture

Updated:2023-12-27 16:21:10

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently announced a list of 60 national key counties for leisure agriculture in 2023. Changsha County was shortlisted.

The ministry launched the construction of national key counties for leisure agriculture in 2021. Since then, the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Changsha County has advanced the building of such counties in a standard and orderly manner, with a focus on expanding the multiple functions of agriculture and enriching rural industrial formats. Thanks to these efforts, Changsha County's leisure agriculture has shown a momentum of vigorous development.

Changsha County has leveraged its rich natural ecological resources, unique intangible cultural heritage items and red or revolutionary heritage, and distinct agricultural resources and dug into the cultural connotations behind them to vigorously develop leisure and sightseeing agriculture. A number of rural tourism demonstration sites have emerged, including Jinxiu Jiangnan Ecological Farm, Xunlong River Ecological Art Garden, and Xiangfeng Tea Expo Garden. This has effectively driven the development of tourism in the county.

Rural leisure tourism has become one of the leading industries supporting Changsha County's economic development. In 2022, the county's leisure agriculture and rural tourism sites achieved a total revenue of 4.6 billion yuan and received 10.2 million tourist trips. The per capita consumption reached 460 yuan, leading the country.

A rural scene of Changsha County.

Natural ecological scenery of Changsha County.

A view of rural areas in Changsha County. (Photos provided by the correspondent)